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Date Posted: October 30, 2014

I’m Alana, age seventeen, finishing up my senior year in the ILP program at Charter When I was barely ten years old, my childhood friend got a video camera and together we made silly videos on a family vacation in Las Vegas. This really did mark my first interest in film, but my love for creativity and writing came at age six, when I ambitiously tried to rewrite Harry Potter. By age 11 I got my first video camera and learned how to use Movie Maker, resulting in many documented adventures with my young friends and I. When I turned 13 I attended a yearly week long class that had us work with professional grade equipment and produced a film using Final Cut Pro. I returned to that class for six years until I became too old to return. Drawing Out Genius® has marked the start of my career as a Filmmaker. Seeing the finished product takes me back to how I felt at the time of production; inspired and empowered. Being able to work on a full-length movie was something my younger self only ever dreamed of! I cannot express how much this film has changed my life for the better. Working on Drawing Out Genius® is a truly monumental accomplishment for my portfolio and resume. Recently I have been doing community service short videos for people’s small business in my area. In addition to this, I have looked into applying for Savanna College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Savanna, Georgia and hope that I will attend in Fall 2015. My passion for adventure, creativity, and film has not swayed in nearly ten years and I see myself continuing this amazing adventure well into my college years. My hopes for the future include film study and traveling all around the world collecting stories to make into films or express in other creative avenues I have yet to discover.

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    Escondido Charter High School
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