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What is an education reform activist?

As an education reform activist and active community member, there are many ways to contribute to the education and future of young students.

Here you can explore innovative classroom programs in your area and read about the current facts that are plaguing our current Education System. We invite you to explore behind the scenes footage of your favorite cast and crew members and meet the entire team behind the making of this student-driven documentary.

What can you do to get involved?

Share this documentary with parents, educators, students or anyone interested in empowering students to be successful in school with innovative programs that “draw out the genius” in every student.

Help spread the word via the social networking tools on the site by becoming a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and contribute on our videos, blogs and photos

Encourage people in your community to get involved in our students, parent and teacher contests.

Take action by submitting successful, innovative programs that are currently working in classrooms near you. Or tell us about events or stories that we should be aware of.


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Your gift will directly help with programs and activities that are designed to increase awareness and facilitate the implementation of functional, research-based methods and tools that will create successful reform for every student. Together we can turn the tide centering the focus of our education system where it belongs, on the students, which will ultimately affect the future of our communities.

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Interview and Videos

Education Activist

Dennis 'Coach' Snyder

Joe Jubela

Adam & Joe Jubela

Ivan Filby

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