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Escondido Charter High School (ECHS) Mission Statement: Escondido Charter is committed to providing a safe and orderly learning environment in which teachers are responsible for implementing a curriculum based on the fundamental skills that form the foundation of learning: reading, writing, mathematics and computer skills. Accomplishment in academic areas is stressed. In addition, Escondido Charter High School will emphasize the understanding and appreciation of American civilization and United States history, by emphasizing Traditional American Culture and Values.

Escondido Charter High School

ECHS – Individualized Learning Program: Individualized Learning Program (ILP) students have a flexible, part-time schedule similar to that of college students. ILP students meet with their personal teachers for one hour each week and attend school on a year-round basis. In addition to their weekly one-on-one meetings, students also take modular courses for computers, math and career courses. Modular courses are generally two hours per day, two days per week for a 16-20 week period. The personal teacher will provide in-depth, one-on-one instruction and assist with course selection and sequence. ECHS’s specialized teachers are adept at tailoring the instruction to individual student’s needs.

International Leadership Module

ECHS – International Leadership Module: The International Leadership Module is designed to look at leadership as an entrepreneurial enterprise.

The student will identify the areas of businesses that they can apply their passion.

Students will research and connect with businesses in shanghai and Beijing, and then “do business.”

This entrepreneurial and cultural phenomenon will take the student – from individual personal development to entrepreneurial group dynamics.

This will eventually lead to complex multi-cultural business relationships.

A broad range of leadership topics include the history of leadership, self-development and understanding group behavior, employ cultural sensitivity, diplomatic design, ethics and teamwork.

The foundation of this module is built upon the positive, nurturing coaching environment.

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