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About the Film - Drawing Out Genius

Every student deserves to be challenged, inspired and nurtured in a way that connects with each of them individually.

It’s the Systems responsibility to energize students with ideas and experiences that encourage them to grow and develop. We invite you to be part of this innovative, student-driven film to help focus our education system back where it belongs, on the students!

Drawing Out Genius serves as an honest example of a SOLUTION, rather than a grim dissection of the PROBLEM. With the help of award-winning writer/director Adam Mason, Drawing Out Genius is a wonderful, life affirming look at a very personal achievement through the eyes of a group of high school students on the very precipice of adulthood, attempting to achieve something huge and hopefully pave the way for the rest of their lives.

These students lay themselves bare in a raw telling of both the pitfalls of the public school system, and a fascinating portrayal of an already-in-existence alternative.

Drawing Out Genius reveals a ground-breaking class and highlights the immense virtues and advantages of a particular charter school by SHOWING the viewer, not TELLING them, how the system can work for the students. The audience will see results in practice as opposed to a barrage of statistics and numbers, which will ultimately make the impact on the viewer infinitely more powerful.

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Director: Adam Mason

When director Adam Mason was hired to make a documentary about education in America, he decided he was probably not the best person to tell that story.

So instead he decided co-direct the film with Alana Dozier – a 16 year old girl with learning disabilities from Southern California. Mason tasked Alana with choosing a crew from her fellow peers, who would in turn be trained by Mason and his crew made up of Hollywood professionals.

Ultimately, the plan was that THEY would take over the documentary.

Drawing Out Genius” cleverly uses this example of mentorship as one solution as to how education in America and around the world can be practically and easily reformed.

Mason in turn, seeks mentorship advice from Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s greatest authorities on the subject of education, and who gives this documentary a fascinating overview of how we’re currently choosing to educate our kids, the shocking waste of human potential… and (shockingly) – solutions!



Let’s turn the movement we are talking about, in this documentary, into a revolution. Let us give our children and young adults the encouragement, mentorship (link to Mentorship Page), and support they need to explore and achieve their dreams.

This isn’t an impossible task. All it takes is you, right now, making a decision to get involved (link to Get Involved Page) and join the movement. Together we can affect real change.”

Drawing Out Genius” is unlike any educational documentary ever made. It celebrates the genius inside all of us, focuses purely on the positive, and offers remedies to one of the world’s most controversial and hotly debated topics.

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