Zoe Horzen Biography

Date Posted: October 30, 2014

I’m Zoe Horzen, I’m 17 and a senior at Escondido Charter High School. I chose ECHS because none of the schools where I live were going to meet my needs as a student. I live in San Bernardino County and take the train every week to attend Charter. It has been one the best decisions I’ve ever made!

The school helped to bring me out of my shell and has opened up opportunities that I never thought I’d experience. I’ve been active in Theater and International Leadership courses. They’ve both been amazing. Theater made me more outgoing and more willing to try new things. International Leadership opened up new passions for me. I never realized how much I wanted to see the world, experience new things and make my mark on the world. Visiting China with that class was easily one of the best things to happen to me. In turn, these classes and experiences have made me want to go into Psychology and Film. My goal is to study in the San Francisco area.

  • Grade

  • School

    Escondido Charter High School
  • Mentored As

    Camera Crew
  • Activities

    Hiking, backpacking, listening to music, and playing his guitars
  • Passion

    Passion for visual media drives
  • Awards & Accomplishments

    Del Mar Fair for photography, Graphic art design
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